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Includes original, fanart, gift art & client work
Expansive illustration collection spanning over 5 years

Artworks from 2017-2022

I initially contemplated the idea of creating an art book in 2020. At least, that was the earliest date I could find a receipt for. Blissfully unaware of the long journey ahead, I announced to the world 'I'll have it ready by the year's end!'. After that, somehow, 2 years passed...

I wanted to create a book out of my love for collecting them. One day, my friends introduced me to a store with an entire section dedicated to art books. Unable to take my eyes away, hours passed as I browsed through one by one. I filled my arms with as many as I could carry home. The pages were full of inspiration and flipping through brought me so much happiness. I felt just a little bit closer to the artists that created them- often whom I looked up to very much. While I sincerely hope that this book could potentially ignite such feelings within others, it was also made as a gift to my past self. As if to say, look at how far we've come!

It took a long time to reach completion with months of revisions and iterations but I am delighted to share with you all the final result. Please enjoy my first art book.

Postcard Included!

Featuring an original illustration 'Reminiscence of a Summer', your order comes with a bonus postcard printed on cardstock.
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